At we are committed to using the highest quality boards and milling them to perfection. We are "High End". We do not fabricate your thin stock from scrap wood. In most cases, we process your thin stock when your order is placed. This allows for greater consistency in your color and grain, and immediate inspection of every piece. You will never receive a bundle of random widths and lengths. You will always receive the best.

All of our boards are either 24" or 48" in Length. Our 5" width is standard, and based on the most popular choice of our customers. Depending on the thickness you choose, you will either receive 1 board, or bundles of 2 & 3 boards.

We understand needs are different per project. For larger orders that are in need of different dimensions and orders that intend to be reoccurring
we recommend speaking to one of our woodworking professionals for cost effective estimates.

We are also experts in laser engraving and cutting, and with the proper files we can transform your wood with a logo or a unique piece of art work.

For professional support on special orders and to inquire about our laser services, call: